Vinyl Factory

Hit the road, hair in the wind, pedal to the metal for a trip into the origins of rock, driving a 70s convertible.


Vinyl Factory is the eyewear brand that has roots in music and retro spirit. Whether the inspiration of our designers, the feet in France, but the head in Nashville. Or thanks to the enthusiasm of our representatives, communicators, managers, creatives and so many more: it’s not just a company, it’s the promising line-up of a great festival!


It is this spirit that we wanted to translate in our products: sunglasses to protect against the incandescent sky of California, optical frames to decipher the most complex partitions, a high-end collection, Icons, which pays tribute to the biggest showmen, and a collection for the youngest rockers: Little Vinyl Factory. Finally, with our portable speakers, vinyl turntables or headphones, we wanted to combine the most advanced technologies with a nostalgic design that will remind everyone of his first musical experiences!

Rock On!

Vinyl Factory