Designed by l.a.Eyeworks co-founders Barbara McReynolds and Gai Gherardi, the Fiction by l.a.Eyeworks collection is a colorful and expressive companion to their namesake family of groundbreaking proposals for innovative eyewear.

Frames in the Fiction by l.a.Eyeworks collection roam freely among material explorations and sensational chromatic expressions, making room for every individual to write their own provocative story. It’s a Fiction of your imagination!



McReynolds and Gherardi both grew up in the seaside community of Huntington Beach, becoming inseparable friends in high school. From that time forward, the two would string together a series of cross-country adventures that eventually led them back to southern California where they trained as opticians, working in several legendary optical shops and learning from the area’s most notable craftspeople. Believing it was time to open up a new kind of conversation about glasses, McReynolds and Gherardi launched l.a.Eyeworks with a mission to encourage people to stop looking and to start seeing.